What You’ll Learn

Here at Derbyshire Military Skills, we pride ourselves on providing an authentic experience for our customers – which is why we want you to learn as much from our team building activities as possible. Below are some of the things we aim to teach you from our courses and the main benefits you’ll get from them.

Develop Your Skill Set

There are many skills you will develop whilst participating on one of our activity days. If you are ready to challenge your limits and develop skills you didn’t know you had, our military courses could be for you.

The type of skills you will lean throughout your time with us includes how to build up your fitness, navigation skills, mission planning skills, telecommunication, team building and leadership skills.

Could you benefit from our military style team building activities? Speak to one of our friendly team about what it involves by giving us a call on 07968 873577.

Get to Know Yourself

You may not think that an eight-hour activity such as our courses could give you an insight into yourself, but you’d be surprised at what you’ll learn. – You will be surprised at what are able to achieve on the day.

Our courses are not just about physical strength, but also how you mentally push yourself to achieve your goals – this is something you will learn from the course, and also a skill which is transferable to many other situations after you have completed the activity day.

If you are interested in taking a military career path, this is especially important as you have to learn to get into the right mindset in order to be able to push yourself to your limits and become a valuable member of your team.

Work Together as a Team

Team building activities are great for workplaces, sports teams and clubs, friends and family and any other group who is looking to build further bonds between individuals. Our military courses are ideal for this, as they rely on you working with your team to complete activities and finish the course.

Not only will you learn to work well together, you will also develop the skills to motivate and push your team members to help them achieve their goals. This is ideal for work colleagues as the skills learnt can be used further within a work environment.

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Are you looking for team building activities for you and a group of your friends, family or colleagues? Derbyshire Military Skills will help you to improve yourself by gaining new skills and leaning to work as part of a team. Book here now, or contact us on 07968 873577 for more information.

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