What to Expect

So you’ve been looking for things to do in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire or surrounding areas, and have come across our military training courses – but what should you expect if you take on one of our courses?

What Do the Courses Involve?

Here at Derbyshire Military Skills, we offer three different packages – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. These courses vary in difficultly, in order to ensure that you can take part in a course which suits your skill set and fitness level.

Our basic course is great for individuals groups who are just looking for a fun day out, or who want an insight into some of the activities that army recruits participate in during training – without taking part in a too intense course.

The Intermediate Course is aimed at people with some previous experience in military training or similar activities (we recommend completing the basic course prior to attempting the intermediate). It is more challenging than the basic course – both physically and mentally and is designed to further develop the skills you can learn on the basic course.

For a true military experience and intense physical and mental challenge, our Advanced course is the one for you. You will be put through a series of military fitness tests and plan and deliver a military style mission under guidance from the course Directing staff (DS).

All three of our courses put you through military fitness tests and teach you skills such as telecommunication, navigation, team work, leadership and mission planning.

If you are looking for fun things to do in Derbyshire, you have come to the right place. Find out more about our courses here, or get in contact with us on 07968 873577.

How Long are They?

No matter which of our courses you opt for, the duration of the activity will be eight hours, completed throughout one day. We find that this is the optimal time for getting a true military experience, without being too mentally or physically draining.

How Many People Do the Course at Once?

Due to the nature of the activities we require a minimum of 8 people to effectively run the course (this also keeps individual costs down). Our packages can come as standard or can be customised to the requirements of each group. Factors that we consider when deciding how many people to put in a group include; the instructor to participant ratio, the age of the participants, their skill level, and the number of people who have booked the course today.

We try to keep the team sizes to a minimum, to ensure that you can get a more personalised experience which is tailored to your needs. There are many interesting things to do in Derbyshire, but we offer completely unique packages, meaning you won’t get the same experience elsewhere.

How Should I Prepare?

Once you decide to take on one of our courses, you will be supplied with a physical training preparation pack to ensure that you can meet the demands of the course comfortably. For a rough guide to the level of fitness we require for our courses, see the full details of our packages.

Ready to Take on The Challenge?

If you are looking for unique things to do in Derbyshire or South Yorkshire, and think you have what it takes to tackle our Basic, Intermediate or Advanced courses, get started today by booking online.

Do you need more information before you are ready to book? Speak to our friendly team on 07968 873577 for further information and guidance on what we offer.

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