Military Fitness Training

Thinking About a Career in the Forces?

If you are looking into a career in the armed forces, and are wanting an insight into what kind of training you will have to go through – our courses are ideal for you.

We offer experience days suitable for all – with different packages depending on age, ability and fitness of participants.

No matter which of our courses you take, you will learn skills which are transferable to any career in the forces, as well as skills which can be used in almost any profession.

Looking for an Authentic Military Experience?

Many companies claim to offer military style courses, but here at Derbyshire Military Skills we have created packages which challenge and test you in the same way military training does. Our military experience and knowledge has enabled us to create authentic courses which truly replicate military experience.

Wanting to Develop Your Skills?

During any of our three courses, you will learn a wide range of transferable skills, including:


  • Physical Fitness –

We will help you to develop the necessary skill set you require  to improve your level of fitness, this is essential for a better quality of life, overall wellbeing and for resilience when in stressful situations in or out of the workplace. Fitness has also been proven to be an effective method of; helping to reduce the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, whilst; improving focus and helping to overcome both mental health and confidence issues.


  • Communication Skills –

You will learn how to effectively use communication and telecommunication skills during our training experience days. This skill is essential for a career in the military, but is also a desirable skill in any work place.


  • Planning –

Planning out a task before completing it is a skill you need in most workplaces – however by taking on one of our courses you will learn how to do this efficiently and effectively. Its not just about initial planning, it’s also about making adjustments in order to achieve your end goal, and then reflecting on how well you completed the task to improve in the future.


  • Problem Solving –

There are many possible problems which you may come across during our training programmes – whether it be certain fears or worries, mental obstacles or physical challenges. You will learn how to overcome these problems and fears, by realising your capabilities and worth in the team.


  • Leadership –

This is a skill which doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but a useful one to have. If you are looking at certain careers in or out of the military, you will need to overcome your fear and become a strong leader to guide your team.


  • Team Building –

Working together is the only thing that will get you through one of our intense experience days. You will need to work with your team to overcome challenges and complete the course successfully.

Why Choose Us?

With 25 years military experience under our belt, we have the knowledge to provide realistic and challenging courses which replicate army training.

The personalised experience we offer allows you to complete a course which suits you and your team – taking into consideration age, ability, level of fitness and locations.

Get Started Today

If you are looking at a career in the military, or are just wanting to see what military training involves, get started today by booking one of our experience days.

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